Well, that brief little glimpse of summer weather this weekend was nice, but it's time to buckle back down and clean out these midterms before Spring Break arrives. I'd like to take the time to thank all the badass supporters of Radio 1190 for making last week's Pledge Drive the best one I've ever seen at the station. We surpassed our goal and gave out a butt-ton of concert tickets, and we couldn't be happier for having such a devoted audience. You guys make this station. Before I get all teary-eyed let's run through our newest additions to rotation!

John Dwyer is most commonly known for his fractured punk work with Thee Oh Sees, but his debut release as Damaged Bug sees him taking the same batshit approach to the electronic realm. More Silver Apples than Sweet Valley, Hubba Bubba is an old-school, manic experimental pop record that reaffirms Dwyer's taste for the madcap.

Paradise of Bachelors has done us the great service of reissuing Lavender Country's self-titled debut, an album that, in 1973, was the first prominent openly gay country record ever released. Loaded with gorgeous, upbeat numbers like "Comin' Out Singin" and "Crying These Cocksucking Tears" and fronted by Patrick Haggerty's squeaky proto-Daniel Johnston vocals, Lavender Country extends beyond its historical significance and into the realm of flat-out great country music.

Greta Kline has found her calling as Frankie Cosmos and is sticking to it; taking a look at her Bandcamp shows over 45 releases already penned under various names. But her newest collection, Zentropy, marks her debut LP release, and the less-than-20-minute album showcases the wonderful, melancholy yet upbeat worldview she's established over the past few years.

Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.