Happy hangovers, everyone. St. Paddy's is behind us and Spring Break is almost within our grasp, so let's run down the clock with this week's splendid additions to the rotation.

Sufjan Stevens, experimental composer Son Lux and bizarro hip-hop guy Serengeti have released their second collaboration, this time under the name Sisyphus, and their self-titled record is just as bizarre as you'd expect from such a combo. Stevens' choral backings mixed with Serengeti's goofy verses and Son Lux's lush arrangements make for a cosmic blend of hip-hop and pop music.

The War on Drugs is back with another collection of tranquil guitar jams on its newest album Lost in the Dream. The band's style of mixing effect-laden guitar noodles with basic drum machines and straightforward vocals results in a sound that borrows a bit from every decade of music, but doesn't like anything except the War on Drugs.

Warm Soda is back with another collection of laid back West Coast jams, only this time Matthew Melton has tightened up his approach by a few notches. Young Reckless Hearts is not as much a surf record as much as an assured collection of boogie rock tracks, taking hints from the smooth style of bands like Television and the Strokes, and making something effortlessly listenable.


Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.