Cloud Nothings, "Here and Nowhere Else"
Cloud Nothings, "Here and Nowhere Else" (Courtesy Photo)
No matter how much Cloud Nothings thrash and scream, the music holds onto you with its melodies, rather than repelling you with a wall of sound. Even on Here and Nowhere Else, the follow-up to the band's excellent 2012 album, Attack on Memory, the melodies can stick a hook in your soul.

Here and Nowhere Else is undeniably more punk. That's in no small part due to drummer Jason Gerycz, who is an unstoppable force. Though the guitar lines are ferociously tearing forward, it's the drumming that makes every song feel like it might be speeding up imperceptibly -- a result of increasingly intense emotion rather than an outburst that soon winds down.

Dylan Baldi starts biting early on the opening track, “Now Hear In,” singing, “I can feel your pain / And I feel alright about it.” It's the wounded hallmark of Cloud Nothings -- the same band with a song called “Wasted Days” on which Baldi endlessly screams “I thought I would be more than this.” Despite all the aggression, the songs on Here and Nowhere Else are packed with feeling, even though it's mostly pain. They're not too cool to feel.

Luckily, the album's run time is relatively short, otherwise it might be exhausting. The pace and the volume never yield, which makes it slightly less diverse that Attack on Memory.


The more-than-seven-minute “Pattern Walks” is the closest a song gets to some breathing room, with a mostly-instrumental center and a clear-ish guitar line ringing through at the end. But as shot of pure adrenaline, Here and Nowhere Else does its job.