If you go
What: SnowBall 2014
When: April 4-6
Where: The Park at Mile High at Sports Authority Field, Denver
Cost: $35

SnowBall has come to Denver, ladies and gentlemen.

Some are complaining. It's not in the mountains anymore, and isn't the whole point the snow and the sports that come with it? Well, kind of. Mostly, it's about the music.

“There were a number of different reasons why we ultimately decided to hold the festival in Denver this year,” said SnowBall producer Chad Donnelly. “There were some scheduling conflicts in the mountains. At the end of the day, there were so many different topics that were considered -- everything from lodging to public transportation to safety.”

The festival has had its problems in the past. According to the Denver Post, in Avon in 2011, there were 43 arrests on drug and alcohol charges. In 2012, there were "140 arrests over three days for charges ranging from distribution of narcotics, assault on police officers, minors in possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana, among others."

The short version is that some mountain towns are unwilling to tolerate the drunk festival goers who might stumble out of shows and into…Well, that's the other thing.


There isn't much nightlife in the mountains. There are no bars to welcome tipsy customers who want just one more drink post-show.

Another benefit for fans: They're not freezing outside at night on a mountain.

As for the local bands, they're excited. Pretty Lights is headlining, and no doubt, he wants to help make a name for his city as one of the biggest EDM players in the nation. But a lot of it comes down to the bands people in New York might not know, like You Me and Apollo, or Inner Oceans. Both bands get great exposure around the country, but not the huge, captive audiences like this.

“It's the music, you know? It shouldn't matter where the location,” You Me and Apollo's Tyler Kellogg said. “Kind of exciting that it's in Denver. It'll probably be one of the larger shows in Denver that we've done.”

Inner Ocean's Griff Snyder has heard the complaints about the move to Denver, from bands and fans alike, but he thinks it could be a good idea.

“I'm really excited to step on a bigger stage,” he said. “It'll be more fun. Better sound, for sure.”

Kellogg conceded that a mountain show might be cool, saying, “Any time you have a festival in the mountains, it's going to be awesome, but I think it's going to be awesome that it's going to be in Denver.”

If you really don't like the Denver SnowBall, never fear, the producers have heard you.

“The fans have spoken in a big way,” Donnelly said. “From what I've been able to tell, they're so head-over-heels passionate about the festival being in the mountains. This is a festival for the fans and by the fans, so it's important that they have a voice.”

With a lineup that includes Earl Sweatshirt, Busta Rhymes, Jagwar Ma, Warpaint and Brother Ali, among many others, though, it's more than worth the try.