If you go

What: The Pack A.D.

When: 9:30 p.m. Friday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver

Cost: $10

More info: hi-dive.com

If you decide to mosh at The Pack A.D. show this Friday in Denver, maybe don't jump on stage.

"Some people do mosh, and moshing can get a little violent, but nobody's gotten hurt. Not that I know of, anyway," singer and guitarist Beck Black said.

"People tend to get really into it, which is good, unless they get on stage and knock over a mic stand or step on my pedals, which happens."

The reason she's talking about moshing gone bad is her band's new video for the song "Battering Ram." In it, Black beats the shit out of drummer Maya Miller at a club, and they're not the only two fighting. Pool cues are swung, faces are bloodied. It's gloriously violent.

And it fits the sound of the duo's fifth full-length record, Do Not Engage. It's a ways from their 2008 debut, Tintype, which was heavier on the blues. Over the years, they've grown punkier.

This record charges harder, and it sounds more angry than sad. It's no wonder they're most often compared to the White Stripes, even though you can't quite pin it on them. If anything, The Pack A.D. sounds like the White Stripes if Jack and Meg were feistier and less serious.


"I don't know if we ever necessarily stuck to one genre," Black said. "I guess, with every album, I've looked at it and liked many things about it. In writing new music, I'm trying to get away from things we've done previously."

Black and Miller have been touring on Do Not Engage since it's release at the end of January. After their show at the hi-dive on Friday night, they have a few days home before heading to Europe.

"It's actually going really well," Black said. "There was a good turnout. It's been a long tour and a bit of weird one, but it's been fun."

In her downtime, she's been working on the next record, too. There's not much, and certainly no release date, but she said she has "lyrics and riffs and stuff."

For now, there's plenty for crowds to mosh to from Do Not Engage. Check it out for yourself at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, and be sure to get there for the opening acts. Local rockers The Media Fires will kick things off, followed by more Denver rock from The Outfit.

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