Time to take a look at the weekend in music.

Boulder and Denver have a lot of offer, especially on Friday night. We narrowed it down to five shows, but check out our concert calendar on page 18 to see much, much more.

We highly recommend the Tuareg sounds of Tinariwen, but a Boulder favorite, G. Love & Special Sauce, is also in town, along with rapping crazy-person RiFF RaFF. Denver is also offering up the eclectic sounds of Beats Antique and the straightforward-rock goodness of Wildlife.

G. Love & Special Sauce


9 p.m. Friday and Saturday


Boulder Theater





OK, just assuming everyone is Boulder is peeing in their yoga pants. You love G. Love. It's cool. He'll be here, for the billionth time, with Special Sauce, just ahead of the release of Sugar (due out April 22).



9 p.m. Friday


Bluebird Theater




Honestly, this is our pick for the weekend. Tinariwen hails from northern Mali, in the Sahara Desert region. The Grammy-winning group has brought Tuareg music into a national spotlight, representing a homeland recently thrown into turmoil by Islamic extremists who banned music and kidnapped one of Tinariwen's band members.


Though they had to leave and record their latest record in Joshua Tree, the music is still a beautiful representation of a culture. Regardless of context, too, the hypnotic guitar work and rolling rhythms are too mesmerizing to ignore.

Beats Antique


7:30 p.m. Friday


Fillmore Auditorium




We're not fans of the term "world music" here because, well, we all live in the world and it's basically code for non-American music. But anyway...

Beats Antique gets classified as world and electronic music. The group is heavy on samples and percussion, which translates to a giant dance party at the Fillmore (1510 Clarkson St.). It's a clusterfuck of danceable music, including, according to the band, "Middle Eastern belly dance music, down tempo, hip-hop, old school jazz, clown, afro-beat and many styles of electronic music."



9 p.m. Saturday


Fox Theatre




Where to start with RiFF RaFF? If you don't know him already, he is basically James Franco's character from "Spring Breakers." Just Google him. We'll wait.

See? You don't want to miss this. There's a chance he'll be too high to function, but that even increases the chances for absurdity. His persona (or personality?) is weirdly captivating and the music is a ridiculous good time. Get to the Fox (1135 13th St.), shut off your brain and get weird.



9 p.m. Sunday


Larimer Lounge




Here is the essence of Wildlife in singer Dean Povinsky's words: "The new record is about the engine that drives us and carries us along that road...it is a love letter, an essay on the HEART: everything it does for us, to us, how it hurts us, helps and keeps us going. It pushes life through our bodies and feeds our little souls."

For you, dear concert-goers, this means you can expect to feel a lot of things at the Larimer Lounge (2721 Larimer St.) on Sunday night. Not in a sappy way, though, but in a lively rock 'n' roll way.

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