Concert season is fully underway in Colorado now, with tons of shows big and small to satiate music aficionados of all shapes and sizes. This month alone we'll be seeing visits from the Knife, Avey Tare, DJ Rashad, Shlohmo, Danny Brown and Arcade Fire, and that's not even including all the smaller local shows shaping up for spring. Check your calendars, and tune into 1190 for some excellent new releases.

Denney and the Jets' newest Burger release Mexican Coke continues the hillbilly-damaged-garage tradition of bands like Natural Child (with whom they share their hometown of Nashville) but operate primarily in full-on boogie mode. Exile on Main St. is a heavy reference point here, with Denney's sparkly guitar tone even calling to mind the opening chords of "Gimme Shelter."

Nels Cline has made a name for himself not only as the lead shredder for Wilco, but as one of the most eclectic jazz experimenters of the past few decades. His group The Nels Cline Singers have a new record entitled Macroscope, an expansive collection of noises at times pleasant and others abrasive. Cline leads his band through detours that may begin as loungey jazz standards before completely devolving into distorted madness, and it's this type of playful chemistry that makes Macroscope an open-minded, lighthearted listen.

After several years away from the spotlight, Pixies have finally released a follow-up to 1991's Tromple le Monde with the goofily titled Indie Cindy. The plunky rhythms and dueling guitar lines are all in check here, and Black's androgynous sing-song still gives these songs a kind of eeriness that's distinctly Pixies.


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