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Post graduation life is pure excellence. With all this free time I've been playing more gigs, having more house shows, and even started up a brand new column with the Daily here for Fridays! Yes, all's well on the other side, so whether you're in or out of school, let these new additions to rotation soundtrack your summertime.

Woods has perfected a certain strain of upbeat folk pop, and their newest release With Light and Love might be their bubbliest release yet. Filled with bright acoustic guitars and hooky keyboards, With Light and Love is yet another reminder that Woods is one of the most pleasant groups making music these days.

A lot of influences come to mind when listening to the new album from Ought: Midwestern emo, old school post-punk, perhaps even some post-rock jamming. But More Than Any Other Day is one of the most unique releases of 2014 so far, loaded with off-kilter grooves, slow building guitar epics, and some manically high vocals from Tim Beeler. Anyone who enjoys the more peculiar side of guitar music will find something bizarrely accessible in More Than Any Other Day.

Mark E has released a new album of his unique style of house music, filled to the brim with colorful samples, slowly building beats and his relentlessly poppy voice. Product of Industry is a full-on dance record for anyone who counts Four Tet, Boards of Canada or Factory Floor among their record collections.

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