Hope everyone had a splendid Memorial Day! Congrats if you did the Bolder Boulder, I slept in this year but if you did it, good on ya. Hoping the rain lets up a little bit this week, I'm not anti-rain or anything but for chrissake summer's so short already, can't be lugging a hoodie around everywhere I go. Either way, rain or shine, tune into 1190 this week for some excellent new releases in rotation.

Japanese acid-punks Bo Ningen have returned with a new collection of furious, guitar heavy freakouts entitled III. Loaded with plenty of erratic time signatures, guitars that barely sound like themselves anymore, and some highly eccentric vocals, longtime fans of the band will no doubt find something to love, and fans of Boredoms or Big Black may be enticed as well.

Fennesz has been operating as one of the more reserved figures in the 2000s ambient movement, only releasing full lengths every handful of years. But nevertheless, he has returned with the gorgeous Bécs, a shapeshifting collection of pieces that builds upon the guitar-driven drone established in his 2001 masterpiece Endless Summer. Aggressive yet serene, Bécs is a marvelous return to form for the veteran soundscaper.

Sharon Van Etten is back with a new release on Jagjaguwar, entitled Are We There. Continuing her knack for peculiar arrangements and inherently poppy songwriting, Are We There at times possesses the morbid pose of Bill Callahan, and others the tranquil hum of Julie Byrne, and makes a perfect soundtrack for pleasant weather.

Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.