Black Bananas.
Black Bananas. (

Condolences to everyone who witnessed that devastating final 20 seconds of the World Cup game on Sunday. One of craziest cases of blue balls I've seen in this tournament yet. If you're still feeling as sore about it as I am, tune into 1190 this week for some releases that should give you some hope in this cold, bleak world of fútbol.

Hyperdub has established themselves as one of the premier labels in modern experimental electronic, and they're ringing in their 10-year anniversary with the appropriately named Hyperdub 10.1, a compilation showcasing the label's incredible roster of artists. Featuring great cuts from such minimalist masters as Champion, Burial, DJ Spinn and even the late DJ Rashad, Hyperdub 10.1 is a spectacular collection of left-field dance tracks from the best in boutique electronic music.

White Lung's third studio release, the wonderfully titled Deep Fantasy, is a blistering slice of female-fronted garage punk, laced with unusually bouncy riffs and vicious vocals from lady-in-front Mish Way. Clocking in at a brutally efficient 22 minutes, Deep Fantasy is some heavy shit, plain and simple, and should give fans of the loud and the fast yet another great release to chew on this year.

Jennifer Herrema's already established herself as one of the most badass musicians to ever walk the planet, from her work with scuzz-buckets Royal Trux to her gnarly solo endeavors with RTX and Black Bananas. Now the Bananas are back with their second full-length, the psychedelic trashfest of Electric Brick Wall. Sounding like some '80s cock-rock record fed through a garbage compactor from hell, Electric Brick Wall surges with gooey electronics and Herrema's effortlessly awesome vocals. No matter what project she's working in, Herrema seems to always find new ways to sound like a fucking warrior.

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