The latest from Dan Melchior Und Das Menace will be on the airwaves at Radio 1190 this week.
The latest from Dan Melchior Und Das Menace will be on the airwaves at Radio 1190 this week. (

Happy Tuesday everybody! It's the first day of July, meaning it's time for a brand new album to hold the coveted CD of the Month spot, and this month it goes to none other than the keepers of our heart, Parquet Courts! We'll be spinning their newest album, Sunbathing Animal, all month, and sprinkling in some of these fine new releases as well to keep your summer going strong.

Tom Krell, a.k.a. How To Dress Well, has had an enormous influence on the rise of R&B in the indie rock pantheon, and his newest album What Is This Heart? continues this tradition while incorporating more sounds than the group has ever used before. Building acoustic guitars into his usual mix of minimal electronics and soul-vox, What Is This Heart? is an insanely tender release from the guy who brought the genre to the table.

Straight off John Dwyer's Castleface label, Dan Melchior Und Das Menace is a manic home-recording project in the vein of greats like R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink. Melchior's knack for pop songwriting tropes is only outdone by his thirst for unsettling weirdness, and Hunger manages to bring many of his different stylistic impulses together for a fun, bizarre collection of songs.

Japanese titans of sound Boris have returned from their ancient slumber to bring us another offering of their special brand of noise rock, this time in the all encompassing sprawl that is Noise (out on Sargent House). Incorporating almost every branch of music the band has toyed with throughout their career, Noise contains blistering moments of thrash metal, hardcore punk and sludge, as well as softer detours into post-rock and shoegaze, and makes for a stunning portrait of a band whose music knows no limitations.


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