Happy Tuesday errybody. I shelled out and got a new electric guitar this past week which I'm still pretty much basking in. Definitely one of the best presents I've gifted myself in recent memory. So while I'm figuring out how to play every Neil Young song ever written, tune into 1190 this week for some splendid additions to rotation.

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens have arrived straight off Daptone Records to deliver a slice of old school gospel, entitled Cold World. The group's wonderful vocal dynamics and crisp production make for the kind of music that Daptone does best: old world music made new once again.

Sculpture released its debut on the Oneohtrix Point Never fronted Software label, a shape-shifting piece entitled Membrane Pop. The duo's style of electronic music defies easy categorization, with beats that rattle and echo and disorient in all matter of ways. Membrane Pop has an alluring adventurousness that simply can't be beat.

London boys The Proper Ornaments have found a sweet spot between the crunchy guitar pop of the Velvet Underground and the Fall with their newest release on Slumberland, Wooden Head. Distorted production abounds through the album, but the hooks and riffs cut through clean and bright, and make Wooden Head a fun, heavy release.


Sam Goldner is the music director at CU-Boulder's Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.