Beck’s ’Song Reader’ is a collection that only could have come from Beck himself.
Beck's 'Song Reader' is a collection that only could have come from Beck himself.

Well, this is it guys. My final week as Radio 1190's music director. It's been an awesome run working for 1190, but it's time to pass the torch onto the next guy, none other than our splendid morning show host James Calvet. I've left you in good hands, so for old times sake let's do one last roundup of some our fresh additions to rotation.

Shabazz Palaces made a splash in 2011 with their debut album but since then they've kind of retreated into hiding, but no more. With Lese Majesty, Shabazz Palaces have released yet another futuristic slice of experimental hip-hop, with beats that lean extremely heavily towards the electronic. Though they've seemingly returned out of nowhere, it's refreshing to see they've still got it.

Up until now, White Fence has primarily been an exercise in lo-fidelity, with hissy, tape-recorded albums that channel the warped side of '60s pop. But with his new album For The Recently Found Innocent (out on Drag City), the White Fence project sees a significant increase in fidelity, allowing his songs to truly breathe for the first time. Hopefully, this signifies the beginning of a new era for an already intriguing artist.

Beck started an intriguing project when he released the Song Reader, a collection of new Beck songs entirely transcribed into sheet music, so the reader would need to learn them to hear the songs. Now the project sees a kind of logical conclusion, with a variety of acts covering the songs so we can hear their interpretation. Featuring artists like Jeff Tweedy, Marc Ribot and Eleanor Friedberger, Song Reader is an interesting idea that could have only come from Beck.

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