On-Air Next: Willis Earl Beal, Jenny Lewis,Bear in Heaven

In the words of David Bowie, here at Radio 1190 there are seems to be a whole bunch of ch-ch-ch-changes. Our beloved mustachioed music director, Sam Goldner, is headed west into the "real world," if there is such a thing. Though it is hard to see this goofball go, we will continue his past two years of fantastic work with keeping readers looped in with what is on rotation at CU's Radio 1190. And with that let's celebrate this new era with new friends, new experiences and most importantly, new music!

After dropping his previous record label, XL Recordings, Willis Earl Beal decided to do it his own way and release his new album, Experiments in Time, himself. Stripping away even more of the textures from past albums, Beal has released his most somber and minimalist album to date. If you're looking for some of the most haunting and intimate soul music ever recorded, look no further than Experiments in Time.

Out from the ashes of the now-disbanded Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis is back and poppier than ever. With just enough sunshine and plenty of confidence, The Voyager is a strong follow-up to 2008's Acid Tongue. This new record is not only aesthetically enjoyable, it's also a heavily cathartic release that makes it easy for any music lover to fall in love with.


Now out on Dead Oceans recordings, Bear in Heaven return with a signature mix of post-rock and electronics on their fourth LP, Time is Over One Day Old. Taking this record into their own hands, frontman Jon Philpot handles the production side of things to make this release all their own.

Other additions include:


The Wytches - Annabel Dream Reader


The Neo-Kalashnikovs -Turn The Tables


Spider Bags - Frozen Letter


James Calvet is the music director at CU-Boulder's Radio 1190. Email him at james@radio1190.org.