HOLY CRAP IT IS HOT OUTSIDE. The other night while eating pasta, I started sweating. Maybe i'm the only one who does that. That must mean that it's the end of the summer. Aw man! At least we have preseason football to watch. Oh, and new music! So listen up children, because these late-summer releases are something to keep your ears on.

Only 18 months after her first EP, England-based R&B experimentalist FKA Twigs drops her first full-length album, aptly titled LP1. On each of the ten tracks, Twigs provides a breathy and intimate vocal style, making each song an incredibly sexy and confessional listen. But underneath the songstress are meticulously crafted experimental trip-hop beats to accompany this expansive and sensual set of tracks. With a promising set of producers, including Clams Casino, FKA Twigs knows how to make one hell of a debut album, leaving the crowd wondering what she's going to do next.

If you aren't already familiar with Dinosaur Jr., you might want to do yourself a favor and educate yourself about the 1990s noise-rock gods. But if you're already well-versed with Dino's discography, you'll be happy to know that the band's frontman J Mascis has new album out entitled Tied to A Star. Keeping up with his new, more stripped-down style, J knows how to write a great folk-rock jam. This seasoned veteran traded in the distortion pedals for acoustic guitars in 1996 and has been writing tunes just like he did in the days of Dinosaur Jr., only this time appropriate to play around campfires. Out now on Sub Pop recordings, Tied to a Star is required listening for any Dino Jr. fans.


If you've been keeping up with the garage-rock revival that started in the mid-2000s, then you probably heard of Thee Oh Sees. The leader of this California powerhouse, John Dwyer, not only shreds guitar, but he also runs the record label Castle Face, which is home to bands such as White Fence, OBN IIIs and Burnt Ones. Recently John Dwyer has been blowing the dust off the demos of his first band, Coachwhips, and has been releasing them regularly. The latest reissue is named Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine with some of the most pummeling garage hits Dwyer's unearthed thus far. Each track is as sweaty and as hostile as the liquor store clerk depicted on the front cover. With a promising reissue, we hope that John Dwyer has more of these records stored somewhere and will be gracious enough to share them with the rest of the world.

James Calvet is the music director at CU-Boulder's Radio 1190. Email him at james@radio1190.org.