Breathe pals, Bieber is coming

Wednesday, Justin Bieber (pictured) announced he will embark on his "Purpose World Tour" that is slated to kick off in March of 2016.

Calm down. Bieber will stop at Denver's Pepsi Center on April 4.

Bring us some drama, J-Blaze, we're bored. Here are some topics to consider: Weed. Strip clubs. Airing your junk on Fox 31. The spotted sewer rat I saw in my front yard. Monkey wrenches.

(Like the "J-Blaze"? Me neither. I'll think of a new pet name.)

Tickets go on sale Friday, the same day he'll be releasing his anticipated album, Purpose.

Give us some purpose, Bieb. We're a mess in here.

Robert Smith is still alive?

Robert Smith, The Cure and Smith's hair are coming out of Elvira's lair to tour North America for the first time in nearly a decade.

Word on the Internet's street (oh, and a press release), Smith & Co. will be debuting new music and perform some rarities. Sweet.

"37 years of Cure songs, mixing hits, rarities, favourites, and as yet unreleased tracks," said Press Release. (Can somebody tell 'em it's spelled "favorites"? Right. British. Pardon.)

The last thing this crew pumped out was 4:13 Dream in 2008, so let's see what Bobby Boy's got on tap when The Cure stops at Fiddler's Green Amphitheater in Englewood on June 5, 2016.


Slap on your best Taylor Momsen or Wednesday Adams and look for tickets to go on sale Saturday.

And sorry Robert, I'll try to never call you Bobby Boy again.

Panties on, Maroon 5 is doing Denver

When Adam Levine isn't flirting with Blake Shelton — who's now allegedly porking Gwen Stefani (her shit is bananas) — as a coach on "The Voice," he's in a band you may have adult-contemporary-ed to, Maroon 5.

Maroon 5 (they used to be called Kara's Flowers in high school, you're welcome) is taking off on tour again behind last year's V.

Levine and crew will hit up Denver's Pepsi Center Oct. 6, 2016. Tickets go on sale Saturday. (

Christy Fantz, Colorado Daily Columnist