Adult Jazz


From the 64-bit video game sound effect that defines the track to the off-kilter vocal melodies and random percussion flourishes thrown in, I shouldn't like this song as much as I do. However, there's something almost magical and beautiful about the way the instrumentation flows and the way the vocals weave through it seamlessly, making "Eggshell" gorgeous in a strange way. The lyrics don't disappoint either, with enough detail to interest me but vague enough to make some sort of profound sentiment as well. Overall, "Eggshell" is a fantastic song, and one what should be not be skipped over simply because it's one of the stranger tracks this month.

—Emmanuel Elone,

Joshua Winstead (Metric)

"One Heart"

Metric bassist Joshua Winstead has been with the band through all six of their recordings and now he's stepping out for a solo effort that will be offered as a pay-what-you-want album through his website "MMXX" will release June 3 via Royal Cut Records and Winstead made the record as an effort to establish his own unique voice and to explore dealing with racism as an empathetic person. Winstead explains that "MM stands for Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., while the two X's have a double meaning representing love and death. These two men loved you in different ways and fought for you in different ways, and they essentially died for the same reasons. Growing up as a biracial person, it was a deep and difficult thing to figure out what it means to be both black and white.


—Sarah Zupko,