"Never Going to Die"

Charged with gargling synths, metronomic percussion, and a vocal ripped straight out of the '80s fem-rock playbook, "Never Going to Die" is the debut single from Mary Jane Dunphe's new synthpop project CC DUST (pictured). While on the surface this is a relatively straightforward electro-punk ballad, the details here deserve additional scrutiny: the foregrounded synthesizer drones are rough-edged, thick, even dirty, and Dunphe's voice — a hoarse, up-from-the-gut warble — seems determined to fight against them.

— Pryor Stroud,


"White Horses"

Darlingside's most striking feature is those pristine, crystalline harmonies that the four-member band spins like the finest of weavers. They seduce and pull you into their stunningly beautiful musical sphere. The latest single/video is for "White Horses," an utterly gorgeous song that will have you hunting down recent release "Birds Say."

Royal Jelly Jive

"Dear Mr. Waits"

California's Royal Jelly Jive has a name that evokes the 1930s and 1940s, which is ideal in that their music is firmly rooted in the aesthetics of that era, while blending in bluesy rock guitars. Don't mistake the group for just another swing revivalist, however. Royal Jelly Jive brings elements from swing and prohibition-era jazz into the modern age by blending those sounds with blues, rock and even hip-hop in the groovy bits. "Dear Mr. Waits" is an irresistible, slinky, sexy song celebrating the work of Tom Waits.


— Sarah Zupko,