Fort Collins band The Patti Fiasco will open for Bon Jovi for their April 14 tour date in Denver and it's all thanks to Alysia Kraft's mom.

"My mom essentially convinced us to enter. I probably wouldn't have unless she suggested it 'cause I thought it was a long shot,"said Kraft, guitarist, singer and songwriter for Patti Fiasco. Her mom also made sure she followed through.

Different bands for the opening acts for Bon Jovi's This House is Not for Sale Tour were chosen to open for each tour date through Bon Jovi management and the promotional company Live Nation.

Musicians had to submit a music video and links their website. The field was narrowed to 10 bands and the winner was chosen by Bon Jovi management.

"I think there is definitely a common energy," Kraft said of the two bands. Kraft described The Patti Fiasco sound as "rock 'n' roll with a little bit of rockabilly influence" and an energetic stage show.

"I think that's probably why were selected," she said of their live performances, "it's all about the experience of the energy radiating between the crowd and the band."

The set for the show hasn't been decided yet, Kraft said, but they plan to finalize it soon.

"It will definitely be our most enthusiastic 20 minutes of rock ever," she said.

This will be the biggest show the nine-year-old band will have ever played with the capacity of the Pepsi Center at about 18,000. Kraft said they expect to see some familiar faces in the crowd.


"It's been really touching actually how many people have reached out saying they are getting tickets and that they wouldn't miss it. We have people flying from all over the country for this," Kraft said.

As for nerves, Kraft said, right now they come in waves.

"I have moments of nervousness but it's more excited and anticipation," she said.

Bon Jovi ( will perform with opening band Patti Fiasco at 7:30 p.m. April 14, at the Pepsi Center, 1000 Chopper Circle, Denver. Ticket prices start at $19.75.

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