If you go
What: The Congress
When: 9 p.m. Friday
Where: Cervantes' Other Side, 2637 Welton Street, Denver, 303-297-1772
Cost: $10
Denver rock ‘n' roll outfit The Congress has been touring almost non-stop in the two years since it's first EP, and this month, the guys start working on their first full-length studio album. They'll still be out and about playing live, and this Friday they'll tear it up at Cervantes' Other Side. The Colorado Daily checked in with lead singer Jonathan Meadows.

The Congress is a fairly new band, but you've accomplished a lot. Give me a rundown of the past two years.

I moved up to Colorado behind Scott -- I guess that's old news. Since then we've just been grinding, trying to - essentially we were booking ourselves initially -- we put the first couple tours, other little runs on our own … We've been writing a pretty good amount in the past two years. Eighty percent of our live repertoire now is songs that are new within the past year. It's blurry because we just tour incessantly.

Let's talk about the EP.


It was good, it was kind of a flash-in-pan process. We had a really minimal amount of time, a really minimal amount of money. We were just trying to get something out so we could book shows, you know … We wrote “Queen Mary,” that's on the EP, like right before (recording). We just crushed out the EP in four days, it was really intense.

Your focus has been on shows -- what is it about live music you prefer?

We never consciously decided to like, tour from get go. It's not a conscious thing … We are musicians and it's like, that's all we do is play. You can't play the same place over and over again, so I don't know what else you would do … We don't wanna get another job … It's what we do, it's what we live.

Your site says the first full-length album will have a live sound. Will it be live recordings or just an effort to preserve that vibe?

A couple of songs will track live, which means we'll record everyone together … I think what we mean by trying to capture the live thing in the studio - our first record was a really good exercise (but) if you've ever seen us live, we're kind of balls-to-the-wall, like psychedelic rock and roll … It will happen without really trying to focus on it so much … We just wanna get in there and use the studio like it's an instrument.

What are your plans for after the album release?

The typical process is that you just tour your ass off...Our team has gotten a little bigger with publicity help and marketing help … The goal is to get it into as many ears as possible … We'll see.

What can people expect from your show?

Sometimes I'm smartass and I say expect nothing, that way you can never be let down. But if you had to say something, I'd say expect some good old rock 'n' roll that has become sort of a lost art now.