Ashley Dean
There are a lot of things I've adjusted to since moving to Boulder from NYC and so far the easiest has been the warmer weather. Is it always this warm in March? Maybe not, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it, and that means I pulled together a summer playlist.

“Grown Up” - Danny Brown

This one is especially for you CU seniors. Danny Brown brings you a feel-good rap about achieving your dreams and looking back on how far you've come, just in time to get psyched for graduation. A million dollars if you can identify this sample, which I suspect is “Take A Walk On The Wild Side,” but I'm not positive. Either way, raise your glasses and rap along: “Whoever thought I'd be the greatest growin' up?”

“Beach Sluts” - Howler

This song kicks exactly as much ass as the title suggests. Howler's America Give Up has a lot of beachy fuzz going on, but if only for the title, this song is the beachiest of all. (Go ahead, read that as a play on bitchiest. I didn't mean it, but I know I can't stop you.)

“Summer Solstice” - Air Dubai

Alright, this one is your sing-along while driving summer tune. Not only is it partly about driving around in the summer, it's got that driving music vibe. The lyrics say “summer's come and gone” and neither is really true right now, but let's not get technical. Roll down the windows and belt it out.

“Fuck Up The Fun” - Azealia Banks

First of all, let's thank Azealia for full on embracing this thumping marching band beat. Artists have been tiptoeing around using this style of drumming a lot recently, but the drumline is the foundation of this song. And if you were about to dismiss her as a one hit wonder, this impressive rap is proof that the girl is here to stay.

“Happening” - Chiddy Bang

The message of this song is just great. “What are you waiting for? ‘Cause this is happening.” V V Brown sings out the mantra with plenty of infectious “woah oh oh oh's” to go with it. The production is insanely upbeat and happy, and every last lyric is urging you to enjoy the crap out of life. Get on it.

“The Only Place” - Best Coast

After some guitar riffs worthy of the Beach Boys draw you in, Bethany Cosentino launches into every last reason why she loves her home state. “We were born with sun in our teeth and in our hair / When we get bored we like to sit around, sit around and stare.” The singer has said over and over that Best Coast's sophomore record will be much more moody, but this song is all kinds of sunny. Probably because it's about how great life in California is.

“Exactly Nothing” - Real Estate

Real Estate always sounds good on a warm day because the music is just so, well, warm. The band released this B-side from their latest album Days a few weeks ago, and it fits right in with the rest of the songs. It's light, easy-going music for laying around in the grass and do exactly nothing.

“Rockaway Beach” - The Ramones

OK, Boulder is nowhere near Queens' Rockaway Beach, but this song still has one of my favorite summertime, beach-bound lyrics ever. “Chewin' out a rhythm on my bubblegum / The sun is out, and I want some.” It's The Ramones, so you can probably guess what this song sounds like. Lots of repetition, and lots of rocking.

“Young Forever” - Jay-Z

Are people sick of this song yet? I know I'm not. The sample is a classic and Jay-Z's laid-back approach to the rap will convince you (for yet another summer) to relax and feel immortal. “So we livin' life like a video / Where the sun is always out and you never get old.” Here's to that version of summer.