Ashley Dean
There are a lot of things I've adjusted to since moving to Boulder from NYC and so far the easiest has been the warmer weather. Is it always this warm in March? Maybe not, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it, and that means I pulled together a summer playlist.

“Grown Up” - Danny Brown

This one is especially for you CU seniors. Danny Brown brings you a feel-good rap about achieving your dreams and looking back on how far you've come, just in time to get psyched for graduation. A million dollars if you can identify this sample, which I suspect is “Take A Walk On The Wild Side,” but I'm not positive. Either way, raise your glasses and rap along: “Whoever thought I'd be the greatest growin' up?”

“Beach Sluts” - Howler

This song kicks exactly as much ass as the title suggests. Howler's America Give Up has a lot of beachy fuzz going on, but if only for the title, this song is the beachiest of all. (Go ahead, read that as a play on bitchiest. I didn't mean it, but I know I can't stop you.)