The forecast for this Saturday, according to my usually trustworthy iPhone is a high of 43 degrees and possible snow.

I'm one of those people. I really don't like fall. The days are getting shorter, everything is dying (and the leaves aren't very pretty out here, sorry), chicks won't shut up about pumpkin spice lattes, then we get this cold weather with useless snow I can't ride a snowboard over.

I'm bitching for a reason, hold tight. Despite this forecast that makes me seriously consider purchasing one of those sunlamps my friends' Jewish grandmothers back in New York had, I will still be at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival.
ashley dean

Here's why: Best Coast, Grouplove, Okkervil River, Tennis, Zach Heckendorf.

(Also: local beer and fancy food. Check out if you want to drool over that.)

All of it is free.

Thursday, you might have read my story about Grouplove, but if you didn't (You should. Not even for me. Hannah Hooper was super charming.) here's a summary: Grouplove's name is very literal, in that they all seem to truly love the crap out of each other. The good vibes are enough to make the band members, who Hooper says are not generally happy people, make one of the happiest sounding records ever. The only way I can think to describe what to expect live would be "ecstatic fun-fest.



I've written about headliners Best Coast before, too. I've also seen BC live several times, and frontwoman Bethany Cosentino has gotten more confident every time. Plus, the band's latest record is more sonically varied than the debut, which makes for a more interesting show. I intend to close my eyes, soak up the SoCal sounds and pretend I'm not shivering.

The Austin-based indie rockers were more of-the-moment a few years back, but after the buzz died down, the darkly romantic, mildly folksy indie rock still sounds good. After a series of concept albums, Okkervil River went lighter on theme but heaver on complex instrumentation for 2011's I Am Very Far. If you're a rock purist, Okkervil River will make you happy.

And, yup, I've written about the fest's Denver acts, Tennis and Zach Heckendork, too.

For a band with such a lovely, low-key pop-rock sound, Tennis put on a pretty lively show. The on-stage chemsity between the husband-and-wife duo is sweet, but not in your face.

The talk around Heckdendorf has always been his young age, but maybe it's time to let it go and just talk about the talent (not that we weren't also talking about that before). He's a very good guitar player and his music captures a lot of Colorado sensibility.

And for what it's worth, our new reporter Sarah Kuta went to the recent Cultivate Fest in Chicago, and assures me the event isn't an annoying corporate-fest.

So put on your boots and gloves and stuff some tissues into your puff jacket pockets. The festival starts at 10 a.m. and the music starts at noon. I promise not to judge you for sniffling over your beer.