Heads up, Air Dubai fans, there's a lot of good news coming from the Denver band these days.

The group announced a release date for its next LP, Be Calm. It's set to drop Nov. 13. They've already released the single "All Day," a track has the trademarks of Air Dubai -- a celebratory chorus and Childish Gambino worthy lines like "hipsters go crazy cuz I spit this shit gluten-free" -- with a shift in instrumentals from the funky and horn-heavy to a thumping, club-ready beat.

With the annoucement of the release date comes the artwork, designed by Greta Tu, which can only be described as lovely.

Just about a month after Be Calm's release, Air Dubai is headlinging the Ogden Theatre of Dec. 15. Presale tickets are $15, but the price only lasts through this week. After that, they'll cost $20.