B oulder-based "electronic hydro funk experience" SunSquabi are having a hell of a week.

Thursday night, the foursome competed in the Waka Winter Classic, a battle of the bands competition at Denver venue Cervantes Other Side that awards the winner with a slot playing Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Ark. The band won last year's competition, played Wakarusa, and are determined to repeat the success.

"It was our first time playing out of state, giving us an excuse to tour," drummer Chris Anderson said. "Wakarusa is, for me personally, the first festival that I ever went to, in 2010, and got me into wanting to do this for life."

Part of the winning strategy is building a huge support base. Like last year, they bused friends and fans to the show.

"We've been trying to put ourselves on really big bills and we like our grassroots element of getting all of our friends together," Anderson said. "It makes us feel really blessed."

This time, they're up against fellow Boulderites Rocktin Groove and Technicolor Tone Factory, Kansas soul band The Ruckus and Denver funk and soul group Bop Skizzum. There's a common element there, but SunSquabi will be the only electronic act.

This is a point of pride, and one of the reasons they succeed -- they blend live instrumentation with electronics, which appeals to electronic music fans and those who might normally shy away.

"Our main goal is to bridge the gap and not necessarily use computers to our advantage," Anderson said, "but to incorporate all of our favorite musical elements."


Wakurusa isn't SunSquabi's first big break. In the past, the group has performed at the Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, Winter Park's SnowBall Music Festival, Denver's Ogden Theatre and the Boulder Theater. They opened for Wyclef Jean at the University of Colorado's Coors Events Center on 4/20 last year and played CU's Welcome Fest this year.

Saturday night, they'll play the Fox Theatre for the third time, opening for Pink Floyd cover group Pigs On The Wing and STS9's David Murphy. The focus won't be all on them, but it's a big gig, nonetheless.

"It's very exciting in a different way," Anderson said. "We went to three nights at the Fillmore on New Year's Eve with [STS9]. They had a dinner event on New Year's inside the Fillmore before the show and I sat next to the drummer, which was huge. We got to talk to Murph for a while ... and he hand delivered us flyers for the Fox show. It's an honor to be able to do this."

After the Fox show, SunSquabi will make its southeast debut in Atlanta, Ga. The concert schedule is empty after that, but Anderson said the band is working on filling the summer with festival appearances, as well as wrapping up a series of three EPs.

"We have a ton of new tracks ready. The EP is going to be called Fundamental Interaction -- it deals with molecular interactions and chemistry stuff," Anderson said. "We wanted to look at diverse musical power and have everything work together. Each one is going to represent a different interaction."

Until those releases, you can listen to tracks off SunSquabi's previous albums at facebook.com/SunSquabi, and of course, watch the guys tear it up ahead of some their idols Saturday night.