If you go
What: Slanted Jack
When: 10 p.m. Thursday
Where: Conor O'Neill's, 1922 13th St., Boulder, 303-449-1922
More: conoroneills.com/boulder
Slanted Jack has only been together, with it's current members, for about eight months, but they've been working the local scene hard. More and more, the band is popping up at spots Conor O'Neill's and The Sink, where you can check them out on Thursday and Friday. We talked with guitarist Jeff Lambert about the band's biggest gig yet, the new EP and who does and doesn't like Phish. Drummer Matt Lowber piped in at the end.

How was your show at the Fox?

The show at the Fox was awesome. it was super fun and west water outlaws are our good buddies so it was really fun to be on the stage with them … We played a show with them in Winter Park and it was super fun, and then we saw that they were playing the fox so we started chatting and they asked us if we wanted to be on the bill with them. It was really exciting.

That's a long way to come from jamming at parties and playing open mics just a year ago.

Pretty much the band we have now we started around September 2012. It was just kind of messing around with different bass and drum players until then.


And you released your first EP last month, right?

It's just the self-titled Slanted Jack EP. Pretty much got into the studio and a lot of the songs kind of get written by J.C. (McKim) and I on acoustic first, and then we start adding drums and bass to those. Pretty much we went into our friend Don Ambory, he has a little garage studio. We just went in there and all four songs we did we tracked out live and we're all in different parts of the studio playing live, mostly to get the drums and bass out of it, and after we did that we'd get in the guitar and vocals. We pretty much took the live approach and got some good tracks and J.C.  and I went in and dubbed in vocals and guitar solos and stuff. It didn't us too long.

I know you all have different music backgrounds. How do you bring that all together?

I taught myself how to play guitar. I listen to a lot of Dave Matthews and Phish. That's what I grew up on, and obviously a lot of other bands -- Stone Temple Pilots and grunge stuff. J.C. came from a bluesy, folky background. He hates Phish and Dave Matthews. Sean (Summers), our bass player comes from a punk and progressive background.

Matt Lowber: And I come from a reggae and hip hop background. It's an eclectic mix that creates a really well rounded sound, everything from reggae, to rock, to jazz, and maybe something like Phish.