Ring the bell. It's time for the Song of Summer Smackdown.

Memorial Day weekend is here, which means summer is officially here. (And the snow is FINALLY gone.) And as the temperature gets heated, so does the competition for Song of the Summer.

Just kidding. No one really tracks these things any more. 

But let's talk about it anyway. 

This year, again, there are a few indie acts in the running -- a nice new trend. There's also the standard Top 40 stuff that you just can't quit and a Macklemore song because ... Macklemore.

Open the windows and crank ‘em up.

“Diane Young,” Vampire Weekend
This is my pick.
ashley dean
I know it can never win the summer because Vampire Weekend is high-culture referencing indie rock doesn't have universal appeal. I just don't care. This song is crazy catchy, arranged to be addictive and produced to pop.

“Closer,” Tegan and Sara
A song this sweet and upbeat is hard to resist. The promise not to “treat you like you're typical” and the chant-along chorus are joyful and catchy. Really, it just makes you want to jump around and that's a simple summer song pleasure.

“Can't Hold Us,” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
These dudes cannot be stopped and there's just no use in trying. Think pieces be damned.


The rhythm on this track is really hard to resist, not to mention the anthemic, “so we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us,” that horn breakdown and the na-na-na-na-na-na's at the end. Not even the fact that it's a bit long seems to be holding this song back.

"How Many Drinks," Miguel, feat. Kendrick Lamar
The original version of Miguel's song, without Kendrick Lamar, was solid. But throw this Black Hippy's verse on there was you've got a hit with staying power.

“Started From the Bottom,” Drake
I guess this is still in contention. I find it a little flat, but it's still getting radio play and that video is so damn meme-able.

“Get Lucky,” Daft Punk, feat. Pharrell Williams
Some are a little underwhelmed by the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories. Blame the absolutely outrageous hype and the fact that this song acted as a teaser. It's one of the better, more danceable moments and it might be the only track the non-diehard fans play again. Plus, it's about staying up all night and getting lucky.

“#Beautiful,” Mariah Carey, feat. Miguel
At first, I was like, oh no no no. And then I was all, dammmmmn. Ignore the hashtag in the name. This is simple, sweet-pop-meets-R&B and it could be your summer love song.

"Bugatti," Ace Hood, feat. Future, Rick Ross