Sigur Ros, ’Kveikur’
Sigur Ros, 'Kveikur' (Courtesy )

Howdy all, it seems more and more like these rainy summer Mondays blur together in a huge wash of mental regeneration and actually reading the books I've been meaning to read for forever. But the unstoppable train of music for 2013 keeps on chugging, and we've got some excellent additions to rotation this week.

Adorable Icelandic veterans Sigur Ros don't sound so adorable on their new record Kveikur. Easily the darkest effort the group has released yet, Kveikur resembles the Flaming Lips' late era release Embryonic with its love of extended, pulsing beats that burst at the seams with distortions and psychedelic noises. Kveikur is the most fascinating release Sigur Ros has had in quite a while and showcases a side of the band we've never seen before.

A shockingly competent debut from a couple of gentlemen from across the pond, Disclosure's new album Settle is a dance record with enough deconstructions of dance beats to please those hungry for new sounds while still being a highly accessible collection of beats. Loaded with pulsing synthesizers and creepy hand-drawn faces all over their record campaign, Settle is a huge splash of a debut record from a band whose career is just getting going.

Lastly, Phil Elverum, the genius behind The Microphones and Mount Eerie has begun a reissuing campaign this year of all his old records as the Microphones, and the newest installment is the fantastically homespun Don't Wake Me Up. One of the more song-based projects of Elverum before his projects slowly began to grow more grand and abstract, Don't Wake Me Up is a wonderfully lo-fi record with a warm, sensitive heart at its center.

Other additions include:

* The Silicone Veil, Susanne Sundfor.

* Giants, The Stranglers.

* No Place For My Dream, Femi Kuti.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190