Wandering. (Heidi Wagner/Courtesy photo)
If you do

What: Wandering album release show

When: 10 p.m. Friday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-0230

Cost: $6

More: hi-dive.com

Luke Williams and Troy Conzelmann didn't find the music scene in their northern Calfornia town big enough for them, so the rock duo wandered down to Boulder.

But a play on their band name, Wandering, doesn't quite work. These two are focused and motivated -- something we learned when we called Conzelmann to talk about the album release show for their first, self-titled LP this Friday at the hi-dive.

You're not still polishing off this album, are you? Seems like that'd be cutting it close.

No. Well, we ordered it. It'll be here hopefully tomorrow. If not, we'll definitely have it ready Friday.

So what are you doing in the studio today?

We're just practicing. We're getting ready for the weekend. We practice a lot because this our this our full-time job

Your bio says "two best friends in the heart of the redwoods." Where are you from?

We started in Humboldt County, which is in northern California. There are redwoods and sequoia trees everywhere, which are the biggest trees in the world. We met and started playing together there.


When did you come out here and why?

We came out here about April. Luke Williams, our guitar player, is originally from Boulder. He grew up here. He used to be in a band that played the Fox Theatre a couple times and he had a lot of connections. The Humboldt area did not have a lot of venues, and most of them play dubstep and that kind of stuff.

Is this upcoming record your first?

It's our first full-length. We released an EP in April. I don't know if EP is the right word -- we released a three-song demo that we recorded ourselves. This is our first full-length, so we're super excited.

What can we expect from it?

It's super rock. It's not very mastered, which we wanted. It's really raw. It's very bluesy. We're very bluesy. It's honest -- as honest as it can be. The songs mean a lot to us. There's a lot of stuff about Luke's dad, who passed away about a year ago. The album is dedicated to him. There's a lot of emotion in it. There's a song we can't even play live because one of us starts crying ... We didn't do anything that we thought people would like, exactly. We wanted to do something we knew we'd like. We're really proud of it.

We have big plans. This is the first of many. We intend to do an album a year. We're working on the second one right now.

Do you both write songs?

Luke does most of the writing and he usually brings an idea to me and we sit down and hash out some things. He gets the basic idea and melody together, and most of the time we get together and collaborate from that. Sometimes I'm like, 'This is perfect,' and we don't do anything to it.