Weekend, "Jinx"
Weekend, "Jinx" (courtesy)
The first anyone heard from Weekend was not easy to hear. The San Francisco trio's debut, Sports, was a noisy chunk of psych rock and pop that obscured a lot of what Shaun Durkan was singing. It was dark, loud and rough, and it was great, but Weekend's return finds them polished up, if only just a little.

Jinx had enough of the old gloom-and-doom noise -- they've just let Durkan's voice come through more in the mix and honed in on clearer melodies. "Celebration, Fl.," for instance, stands out as especially melodic, light and low on noise.

The easy and frequent comparison is My Bloody Valentine. Of course it's not the same, but the swirling and sometimes knotted guitars earn it. Weekend has taken that era of post-punk and reshaped it with metallic synths. "Mirrors," the album's opener and first single, exemplifies that with its aggressive rhythms and Durkan's haunted, near-groaning way of singing.

Jinx's backstory involves a cross-country move, a breakdown and a long creative process, and you can hear all of it. It's a reflective look inward that churns up a lot of turmoil.