As glorious as these summer days may be, I can't help but be more and more excited for fall with each passing concert announcement. In the past month alone we've caught news of My Bloody Valentine making an unbelievable appearance at the Gothic Aug. 19, DJ Shadow doing his first headlining set in a while at the Gothic Sept. 26, and even the guardians of space-rock themselves Hawkwind will be playing the Gothic Oct. 22. It's shaping up to be a spectacular fall, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let's catch up on what albums you should be keeping an eye out for on 1190 this week.

Out with his spectacular debut on none other than Fat Possum Records, Jackson Scott's Melbourne is one of the darkest visions of bedroom pop to emerge in recent history without ever stepping outside the realm of pop. Loaded with tape hiss and hooks that use their atonality to even catchier effects, Melbourne blends everything from Bradford Cox's dream pop with Weezer's loser-rock into an excellent debut that should hopefully open a few doors for this young talent.


Though we typically don't highlight compilations in our weekly music roundup, After Dark 2 out on Italians Do It Better is an insanely fun collection of midnight Euro-clubbers for these blissful summer evenings. Featuring several tracks by the kings of '80s nostalgia themselves, Chromatics, along with label mates Desire, Appaloosa and Glass Candy, After Dark 2 is a wonderfully campy record loaded with the kind of grooves that artists like Daft Punk have helped bring back into style.

Lastly, on the heavy end of electronica, Fuck Buttons have made a startling artistic statement with their first album in four years, Slow Focus. Honing in on their wandering, house-based DJ style through a psychedelic lens, Slow Focus features overpowering synthesizers and sound effect that seem to swallow the listeners whole. A dance album that is both awe-inducing and groovy, Slow Focus is a must listen for fans of experimental electronic music.

Other additions include:

* About Farewell, Alela Diane.

* Street Punk, Hunx and His Punx.

* All Become Golden, Essie Jain.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190