If you go

What: Whiskey Shivers

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St., Denver, 303-291-1007

Cost: $10-$15

More info: larimerlounge.com

If whiskey shivers are something you've experienced, then you'll probably enjoy experiencing the Whiskey Shivers.

Even if you're not prone to heavy booze consumption, the Whiskey Shivers' gritty and raucous brand of bluegrass -- they call it trashgrass -- will make you want to move. The live show never fails to end with the band in the middle of the crowd, playing shoulder-to-shoulder with the sweaty, jacked-up concertgoers.

The music is an adrenaline shot with your shot of whiskey.

"[Being in the crowd] is one of our favorite things," frontman Bobby Fitzgerald said. "You know, we've been getting really, really great responses on the road and here at home. Everyone is just friendly and really fun with us."

The energy at a Whiskey Shivers show is a lot like a punk show (press quotes on the band's page include: "Stop that obnoxious singing. - Austin Police Department"). The band's five members take the punk attitude and louder/faster approach to playing a banjo, fiddle, washboard or jug.

"A lot of the dudes ... they grew up playing punk rock and rock and roll, and I guess more expected stuff for a teenage boy to be playing," Fitzgerald said. "We all got together and started jamming on this. We all loved classic country and bluegrass."


That jamming, when it turns into a writing process, sounds pretty simple and fun.

"You sit around and drink some whiskey and play some tunes," Fitzgerald said. "You say, 'Let's do it again' and then 'let's do it faster,' and you keep going and going, and then it gets too fast and you have to scale it back."

The band has had some trouble capturing that energy on an album. Not that the records sound bad. Studio recordings just haven't quite been able to capture the essence of the Whiskey Shivers yet, though the guys are working on it.

"We're trying to have a good time and have fun and try to get that pervading experience in the crowd," Fitzgerald said. "It's been a challenge for us to get that feel across. I feel like there's a lot lost in the mix."

They'll have another go at it soon enough. Touring has given them the time and confined quarters to get some work done on the next album -- and do it without wanting to kill each other.

"We're gonna take advantage of all these hours together in the car," Fitzgerald said. "I think we've all found that we kind of hit a groove pretty quick. It's always good to poke and prod a little bit to keep it light."

Check out the records, yes, but definitely do not miss the live show at the Larimer Lounge this Tuesday. Time to get trashy.

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