June is Walk and Bike Month, and you know you want to ride to work. All the cool kids are doing it.

But if there's no shower at work, you might have some uncertainty about the, er, aroma you walk into the office with after a summery ride in.

Have no fear. Well maybe have a little.

It will help you remember these five tips for a smell-free arrival at work:

1 Dress for heat

Since you'll warm up as soon as you start pedaling, leave home a little chilly. On warm days, leave earlier, when it's cooler outside. Bonus: Your early arrival at the office makes you look like a go-getter, and that helps counter those Fridays when you jet early to head to Crested Butte for the weekend, slacker.

2 Keep clothes at work

The extra shirt in your desk drawer is going to sit there and sit there, and you're going to think, "Hey, I don't need this extra shirt..." until the day you:

-- Get splattered by a puddle.

-- Get splattered by someone balancing a latte on his handlebars on the bike path.

-- Get splattered by a car re-killing road kill. (This actually happened to the writer. She doesn't like to discuss it but felt obligated to mention it.)

3 Stash toiletries in your desk

Don't just keep deodorant in your desk drawer -- add a washcloth for warmer rides that require the bathroom-sink mini sponge bath. Also, witch hazel sprizted on the washcloth is a helpful de-funkifier. Ladies, do your make up once you get to work. This could apply to men, too. We don't judge.

4 Carry light

Shelpping your stuff to work in a backpack is convenient -- until you arrive at work with a perfectly pack-shaped sweat mark on the back of your shirt. So travel light. Keep a pair of shoes at work. And clothes, if you can. And your laptop. OK, just leave everything at work, because really, your Crackberry does everything anyway, right? If you have to haul a lot, pick up a basket or paniers.

5 Own the smell

Tried everything and still stinky? Make it your badge of green honor. Kick your feet onto your desk, throw both hands behind your head and smile -- life's good when you ride in. If your co-workers sniff and ask, "What's that smell?" say proudly, "It's the smell of the planet being saved."