A hoy, me hearties. Avast, and arrr, and so on and so forth.

Yes, I am quite fluent in pirate speak.

But enough of that. Here to share another realization as of late.

While my friend and I belatedly discovered this "Gangnam Style" craze that's all over YouTube -- and parodied into a rather amusing SNL skit -- we were met with the harsh reality that we are always a day late and a couple hundred dollars short on new fads spiraling out there.

I recall once having "discovered" a new song I was sure my two friends would love. Come to find out it had been their ring tone for a month and had already fallen low on their iTunes playlists.

Sigh. One of the hazards of holing up in the newsroom.

Well, this time, I actually knew about this whole "Talk like a Pirate" day on Wednesday, and while I didn't partake -- you saw the extent of my skills above -- my awareness is enough to brag about a few days late.

And it seems that one day was just not enough for Boulder.

Because this pirate speak is set to sweep over the bars on Saturday, inviting everyone to don their sailin' garb and "weigh anchor," or something like that.

It's Pirate-Con , folks, and it's destined to be a doozy.

So rather than cleaning up for your going-out clothes, grunge it up, pull out the bold horizontal stripes and "wench" wear, complete with corsets and boots made for walkin' the plank.

God it's fun to be nerdy.


There's bars all over town beckoning these scallywags all night, with deals ranging from $2.50 PBRrrrrr at the Walrus (their cheesy-ness, not mine) to $4 Jameson at ol' Conor O'Neills.

Info: For all the deals, drop anchor at boulderpiratecon.org.

If booty-looting isn't your thing, never fear. There's more appropriate fun sweeping downtown all weekend.

alexandra sieh

I've always adored fall. And while I can't decide between this and spring as my favorite season, all I know is it's a beautiful escape from the heat. And to my energy bill, for that matter. Dratted AC.

Well, it seems this town shares my sentiments regarding fall, and have an entire festival dedicated to the changing foliage and impending holiday seasons.

It's time for the 25th annual Boulder Fall Fest , rife with live entertainment, food galore and of course, a beer garden.

Running from 5 to 10 p.m. tonight, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, the festival's got something for everyone all along Pearl Street Mall.

Fierce Bad Rabbit and the Hazel Miller Band will be rocking out, and with beer, wine and margaritas flowing from the beer garden, along with food from local vendors, it's a weekend of local fun for all.

Not an eye patch in sight, and still a great time.

Info: Check out a full schedule of events, maps for parking, and a location list for different stages at boulderdowntown.com/events/fall-festival.

The seasons, they are a-changing, paving the way for new -- and literally cooler -- types of fun.

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