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T hey say all good things take time. They, whoever they are, are wrong in this instance.

Baywood's Seasons is a very good thing that took almost no time at all.

The indie folk duo wrote and recorded their 2011 EP in just a few days, with charming and catchy results. Though it's just five songs deep, the sound is impressive for the short time put into making it. With that done, you'd think Jarrad Kritzstein and Joe Ginsberg would want to pace themselves for their full-length debut.

Nope. Instead, they wrote and recorded the entire LP, due out sometime next year, in 14 days.

"We wanted to hold the tradition of creating the LP just as we did the EP," Kritzstein said. "We wrote and recorded the whole thing in 14 days, everyday. We'd come in everyday and write a song and record it that night, then come in the next day and start it all over again."

The self-imposed deadlines are partially out of necessity. Kritzstein writes and produces music outside of Baywood, mostly with his friend Zack Waters. Ginsberg has a hand in a couple different projects, too.

"We don't have the luxury of spending a year on a record," Kritzstein said. "It's actually really refreshing, and that's how he and I started in the first place, because we wanted to do something different. It's really nice to have 14 days together where we can just work on the record."


That start was in 2010, when the pair met in Silverlake, Calif., and it was bromance from the start. And that's not an outsider projection, it's the story they tell for themselves -- a story of a shared brain connection, bonding over broken hearts and wondering if they'd be separated at birth.

Knowing that, it's not so hard to imagine them getting Seasons together so quickly, or even the LP. This time around, though, there's less heartbreak.

"The songwriting is different [on the LP] because Joe and I were both -- I don't want to use the word depressed -- just fragile, needing something to cling to. I don't know if that makes sense in a manly way," Kritzstein said. "We were in that state of mind for the EP and the LP was more in, I don't know, a 'fuck it' way. Let's just write songs about love and stuff instead of bummed out things."

Sonically speaking, Kritzstein said, the LP will be an improvement. For example, "I Can Breathe Again," the most popular single off Seasons, was recorded almost entirely with Ginsberg's laptop mic. No laptops were used in the making of the LP, "except maybe to write some lyrics down."

There's no title or official release date yet, but Baywood just finished tracking and recording. All that's left is the mixing.

"It's been pushed a little bit, but we just wanted to pace it to make sure that it's, you know, perfect," Kritzstein said. "And perfect the way we like it."

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