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What: CUSG Legislative Council meeting

When: Thursday night at 7

Where: UMC, Glenn Miller Ballroom

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Some University of Colorado student leaders said they are concerned that CU administration will move forward with a proposed tobacco ban on the Boulder campus this spring, regardless of student support.

Dylan Phillips, the Leeds School of Business senator for CU Student Government, said at last Thursday's meeting, CU administrators said they planned to implement a completely tobacco-free zone campus in the spring whether the students passed a resolution supporting the ban or not.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Deb Coffin admitted that the administration planned to proceed with the ban, but she said this week, that's not the case.

"Last week my sense was that we would move forward with the ban regardless of student support," Coffin said. "If I'm asked the same question tomorrow night, I'll say, 'we're waiting to get input from students.'"

Coffin said she isn't sure what the administration will decide at this point but if they do decide to go ahead with the ban, it would likely take effect in the spring semester starting with designated smoking spots on campus.

If the resolution is passed, it will only support future efforts by the administration to make campus a tobacco-free zone. CUSG does not have the ability to implement such a ban, Phillips said.


The student government passed the resolution last week in support of the tobacco ban, but five new representatives-at-large will take their new seats Thursday, which could alter the outcome.

Last week, 18 students voted on the resolution with 10 students supporting it, five against it and three didn't vote. With five unknown votes this week, students said the new representatives could ultimately change the result.

Wesley Montag, one of CUSG's new representatives, said he is unsure how he will vote in tonight's meeting.

"At least for me -- and I think the other new reps as well -- the biggest thing is seeing what students think about the matter," Montag said. " I'd feel more comfortable voting not on own preferences but on that of the majority of the students."

CUSG plans on presenting student survey results, along with various student opinions gathered in the University Memorial Center, both collected over the past week.

Student input on the tobacco ban were sought on Friday after several council members complained that students were not given advance notice about the vote.

Thursday's meeting will include an open forum, which will give students and the public time to voice opinions before the second vote is taken.


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