Denver mayor Michael Hancock was supposed to dance after losing a Broncos’ bet.
Denver mayor Michael Hancock was supposed to dance after losing a Broncos' bet. (Kathryn Scott Osler, Denver Post file)

It has just been a heck of a week for Denver, and it's only Wednesday.

The Denver Broncos broke practically every heart in town with their Saturday playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Fans almost didn't have enough time to wash the blue and orange paint off their faces before it was announced Tuesday that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy would be the San Diego Chargers' new head coach next season.

Ouch. Another case of déja vu arrived as fans were reminded of last off-season when former Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen was named coach of arch-nemesis, the Raiders.

Then, as fans realized their hearts would go on beating and a new season is only months away, news went viral that Denver Mayor Michael Hancock injured himself while practicing Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis's pre-game dance to fulfill a bet with the Baltimore mayor.

And though the news was based on an official mayoral press release, his office then jerked the reins. Turns out that Hancock actually hurt himself Monday night at the National Western Stock Show — his boot got caught and the injury was bad enough it required a trip to the doctor.

"Doc says partial tear in the right quadricep muscle. But I'm a quick healer," Hancock said via Twitter. "Temp. set back but I will make good on bet."


However, that news came a little too late and fans were left to look at headlines like: "Dirty bird dance a little too dirty for Denver mayor."

Is it Friday yet?