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S itting in bed, my friend and I washed our tacos down with Corona-'n-lime goodness. With each sip, she and I wondered why it was the guys in our group who never want this refreshing beer.

Heineken and Coors lovers.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but sometimes the liquor store Hazel's blesses us with cheap 12/18 Corona packs, and we're good for a night or two.

Beer and a best friend in bed. Naughty.

Down, boys ...

No, literally. Down, boys.

Course for my friend, the self-proclaimed beer snob as of late, this "slumming" doesn't always happen. Let us remember our choice to beer-pong it up with our high-alcohol-content growlers. Genius.

(In our defense, Half Fast's Strong Islands coat common sense in drunken, impulse-following happiness, hence half our hangovers.)

If you, like her, tend to stick to the good stuff, Liquor Mart (1750 15th St.) has a few fancy-pants options.

Like a free high-end beer tasting on Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.

It's the store's 45th anniversary, you see -- oldies but goodies -- and they want to celebrate with the folks who have made it possible. So I'd say cracking open a few fine bombers, including the infamous Pliny the Elder, is just the way to start your weekend.


The party continues Saturday with an equally free wine tasting, with Silver Oak or The Prisoner flowing.

Now, once you've spent some time with your Liquor Mart friends, join up with the Boulder Startup Week crew. As my pals and I know, all you need for fun is a good drink and good people.

And maybe free stuff.

At the Startup Popup tent (1325 Pearl St.), they've got that and more -- like foosball, video games, contests, free swag and quality booze from craft brews around Boulder. Local taqueria, T/aco, will add margaritas to the inebriation.

A new addition to the annual event, it's a party sure to bring smiles to your faces. The drinking begins at 2 p.m. each day, Thursday through Saturday.

Give me foosball and beer, and I'm good for a while. But when a rogue shot from a defender nails an innocent bystander, it's time to move on.

Upslope Brewing, now at their shmancy Flatiron Park location (1898 S. Flatiron Circle, to be exact), has a cinematic treat for you -- and hop-filled, just like we like it.

At 7 p.m. Friday, the brewhouse is cranking up the projectors, showing "Crafting a Nation," a documentary that follows craft brewers and their unique journeys to taprooms across the nation.

A Boulder premier, I vote you raise a foamy glass to a film that celebrates the craft we all love.

Coloradans have their moments throughout the film. Fitting, seeing how obsessed we are with beer here. So obsessed that as I came down from my first hike of the year on Monday, all I wanted was a cold beer.

Still do.

Enjoy your first weekend of freedom, in all the best, boozy ways.