Back in my days at the student newspaper, this beer girl really earned that reputation.

That's the beauty of an on-campus bar, conveniently located 50 feet from our newsroom.

Good for business, considering a journo's affinity for being drunk. At any time during the day, really. Ain't nobody got time for sobriety.

Anyway, I became a frequent flyer, getting to know the beer-pourers well -- hence, cheaper brewskies, depending upon the bartender.

Well, the newsroom guys, they decided it was time I learned about the important things. Like '60s and '70s music with some pool-playin'. Mean ploy, since they knew I'd lose. I was any team's liability. But soon, I got there. I could make, like, five solid shots. Ish. Don't act like you're not impressed.

alexandra sieh

Care to prove your worth at pool? Wanna get all the balls in the holes with your own big stick and sweet, sweet touch?

Oooh yea.

Well the Lazy Dog (1346 Pearl St.), has the free kind, Thursday through Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m. in its Wicked Mushroom. Yea...I didn't know what that was either. It's a basement arcade bar filled with games, air hockey, pool, etc.

So if you end up sucking (hey hey, keep reading) even worse than I usually do at pool, you can redeem yourself hitting a plastic puck back and forth.

Only the pool's free though.

But hey, maybe you're sick of the mindless drinking, dancing and orgasm-having. Solo, or with others -- I don't judge. Well, OK, I judge whoever said, "Yea, I want more low-key, mellow fare!"


But should you be up for expanding what few brain cells you haven't drank away, the Boulder Theater (2032 14th St.) has some good-for-you fun.

It's called "The Conscious Media Film Festival," and today's the second day of the fest. It's got nine films that they say will "expand your mind" and "enrich the human spirit," a big bag of spiritual, experiential and scientific ideas on the silver screen. What's left of the nine films, there's bound to be one for you. I just got done with a lazy weekend and a couple of documentaries myself last week. I AM the coolest. That's right.

So should you need to fill your Thursday, head to and snag some tickets.

But if it's silly neon fun you're after, look no further than Bacaro Venetian Taverna's (921 Pearl St.) '80's night, featuring YouthInEyes. The band's playlist rolls out hits from Journey, Heart, Madonna, Beastie Boys, etc.

And to add to the fabulousness, they've got the throwback drink specials and a bartender skilled at Sex on the Beach and Fuzzy Navels.

Wait ...

No cover necessary, so I'd say that's a solid Friday night choice.

I'll be working, so have a drink for me. Or a few.

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