London-based accessories designer extraordinaire Charlotte Dellal has opened her first L.A. Charlotte Olympia store, a glamorous, Art Deco-feeling boutique at the top of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.


The decor is an ode to Old Hollywood glamour from the moment you step inside the door, where Dellal (who has the curves and finger-wave hairstyle of a 1940s starlet herself) has her own pink marble Hollywood Walk of Fame star set into the floor, with "Charlotte Olympia" etched inside.

"It was meant to feel super-feminine with the boudoir mirrors, and the brass fixtures create a retro feel," said Dellal, who launched her whimsical line in 2006. "It's celebrating Los Angeles from an outsider's point of view. I guess it's not all about Hollywood and film, but I'm a nostalgic person, and I have always loved Old Hollywood."

"The Walk of Fame" perspex matchbox clutch is part of designer Charlotte Dellal’s "Hollywoodland" collection and are offered at
"The Walk of Fame" perspex matchbox clutch is part of designer Charlotte Dellal's "Hollywoodland" collection and are offered at her new boutique, Charlotte Olympia, in Los Angeles, California. ((Charlotte Olympia/Los Angeles Times/MCT))

Dellal's new Hollywoodland collection takes center stage in the store, with Mae West T-straps, Girls on Film pumps with plastic film-reel ankle straps, Popcorn bags, film clapboard clutches and other styles paying homage to screen stars of old.

Starlet flats come with a jewel detail on the toe featuring the image of Louise Brooks or Bette Davis. And the Fred and Ginger sandals have Perspex acrylic heels that feature floating images of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing.