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What: Boulder Running Clinics

When: Saturday at 7 a.m.

Where: CU-Boulder Benson Earth Sciences Building, 2200 Colorado Ave.

More info: boulderrunningclinics.com/

This weekend marks the inaugural Boulder Running Clinics event, a full day of seminars and presentations about running for high school athletes, coaches and recreational runners.

The clinic is organized by professional running coach and Boulder Running Camps director Jay Johnson. He said he hopes the clinic makes scientific research around running, injuries and nutrition easier to understand and apply.

"Some people read a study and they don't know what to take from that in terms of application," he said, adding that he hopes participants can absorb the "hardcore science and bring it down to the level of the coach and the athlete."

Johnson will host two talks at the clinic, which will focus on how to set up and plan out training.

Dr. Jeff Messer, a lab director, professor and coach at Mesa Community College in Arizona, will discuss the coaching methods of Alberto Salazar. Salazar has won three New York City Marathons and one Boston Marathon, and advocates for coaching athletes the same way throughout the year.

"Typically we participate in cross country in the fall, and track and field in the spring," Messer said. "Salazar has challenged us to treat both sports the same way by constantly emphasizing endurance speed."


Messer will also talk about new scientific research that challenges long-held beliefs about running and recovery, such as the ice bath.

Local sports sport chiropractor Dr. Richard Hansen, who owns High Altitude Spine and Sport in Boulder, will talk about injury prevention and core stabilization for runners.

Two of the most common injures Hansen said he sees are shin splints and iliotibial band syndrome, which affects the knees.

"We'll talk about some of the risk factors for people who tend to acquire those and what they can do to rehab it or prevent it," Hansen said.

The clinic is open for day-of registration, but the price goes up from $100 to $125. More information: boulderrunningclinics.com

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