Alexandra Sieh
Alexandra Sieh

I'm what you call a "comfort-over-cute" dresser.

AKA: Cheap ass, clearance-rack shopper who'd rather wear plaid shorts and a tank top than a thousand-layer outfit from a magazine.

And you know what? I live a far more comfortable life.

I've always got pockets. I can go from the store to bed with little clothing removal. And when you're out, no one bothers the slob in sweats.

But then I was ninja-ed in the brain. "Dress for the job you want," I was told. And KABLAM, the torpedo landed and I found myself dusting off the dress clothes and longing for weekends where my beer tour shirts could come out again.

Now here I sit in a little dress and fricken tight belt — usually attire I saved for my bar-hopping, slut nights. Sigh. At least this dress has pockets.

I'm no fool, though. I know plenty of folks who love "outfits" and would never be caught dead in the same clothes in two weeks. (Guilty as charged. Ask me if I care.)

Good for you. Tonight, there's a place for you appearance overachievers. It's called Fashion's Night in downtown Boulder.

There will be a Pearl Street Mall catwalk to kick off the event, followed by more than 25 retailers presenting fall styles and host in-store events from 6 to 10 p.m. Add in live music, food, drinks (of course) and mini makeovers and you've got, well, a night that would be wasted on me, that's for sure.

But for serious, head over to Pearl tonight for a fashion-filled night.

And speaking of Pearl Street ...


The stampede is back.

Newbies, I'll explain. The Pearl Street Stampede takes place before every CU home game, and while the Buffs pad up and practice, we'll be jammin' out to the marching band and watching the parade of players, fans and general merriment.

So on Friday at 7 p.m., on the 1300 block of Pearl Street, get that black 'n' gold back on and join the squalor that is football season. Because it's time for the Rocky Mountain Showdown this Saturday.

Battle royale.

I remember swarming Invesc ... I mean Mile Hig ... I mean Sports Authority Field back in my college days. Now I'll be here in the office, green-and-gold coated, annoying my co-workers with constant CSU pride.

And know that, while I love you all ... and Boulder ... and even your gorgeous campus, this is the game where you and I are at odds.


Anywho ...

The Boulder Creek Hometown Festival is this weekend, Friday to Monday, and jam-packed with fun-tivities. Like arts and crafts vendors and live performances in Central Park and the Boulder Public Library lawn, the 4th annual Family Fun and Fitness 5K, the Chili Inferno Cook-Off and a Classic Car Show.

Oh, and the beer garden, where you'd find me. Avery and other local breweries are all excited to get you tipsy this weekend.

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Psst. One more thing. It's your last chance to hear me blab on about the Boulder Outdoor Cinema (1750 13th St.). And it's a two-fur this time. Friday night, check out "Despicable Me," and then head over Saturday for "The Big Lebowski" (and The Whiskey Bottles performance beforehand at 7:30 p.m.)

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