Damon Slayton
Damon Slayton (Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

An inmate who was mistakenly released from the Jefferson County Jail earlier this week was taken into custody Thursday morning in Denver.

Damon Slayton, 41, was arrested in downtown Denver, at Broadway and Larimer Street, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said. Slayton was being held in Jefferson County on a parole violation in a theft, burglary and robbery case when the miscue happened Tuesday.

A sheriff's office investigator, assigned to the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force, was driving the downtown area looking for Slayton when he spotted him, said Jacki Kelley, a sheriff's office spokeswoman.

The officer parked and approached on foot.

"He said his name, 'Damon!' and the guy looked right at him," Kelley said.

The officer identified himself and told Slayton he'd been looking for him. Slayton surrendered without incident.

"He was really just a gracious guy this morning," Kelley said of Slayton.

Since Slayton's release was a mistake on the part of the jail, no new criminal charges will be filed against him, Kelley said.

As part of the release protocol at jail, staff is supposed to check a computer-generated report against a variety of other forms and data to double- and triple- check the release order, Kelley said.

"It should have been checked and it wasn't," Kelley said.


Sheriff's staff is looking at the oversight to determine whether a clerk will face any disciplinary action in the matter.

Slayton, meanwhile, is back in jail, where he has just a couple of weeks to serve on the probation violation, Kelley said.

While looking for him, investigators were just hours behind a couple of times, including a check at a Denver homeless shelter, Kelley said.

Investigators have no reason to suspect that Slayton committed any crimes while he was free.