Here's what's up today, Boulder:

Embattled CU professor Patti Adler axed the controversial prostitution skit in her "Deviance in U.S. Society" course. Everyone was too nervous about it, she told our Sarah Kuta. "We were all having nightmares, myself included, literally."

Uni Hill dwellers, Boulder City Council is talking about trash and booze and other shenanigans in your neighborhood.

And speaking of trash, here's something to do today (we promise this is an appropriate transition):

Boulder County teens have been busy turning one man's trash into another man's, uh, super cute dress. OK, it's not filthy trash or anything. Basically, this is taking "make it work" to an environmentally friendly extreme. Recycled Runway is a guided independent study workshop, and their fashion show is going down at 7 p.m. at the Boulder Theater. Tickets are just $7-$8.

Completely unrelated animal: Meet Mork. He lives in Loveland.