Nancy Arias
Nancy Arias ( | )

A woman was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder and vehicular homicide after she allegedly struck and killed her husband with a car after he hit her during an argument.

Nancy Arias, 38, told Westminster Police that her husband, Phillip Lobato, 38, had struck her numerous times in the face early Tuesday morning as she drove them in their vehicle after attending a bazaar Monday night at Holy Family Church in Denver.

During questioning by police, Arias said she stopped the car on West 72nd Avenue near Canosa Street after he struck her during an argument, and she told Lobato to get out.

According to the incident report, Lobato did so, but came around to the driver's side and struck Arias again numerous times through the open window.

The affidavit quotes Arias as saying she told Lobato, "I'll hit you with the car."

According to Arias, Lobato replied. "Go ahead (Expletive) not gonna do nothing."

Lobato began to walk away. According to the report, Arias then decided to "bump Phillip."

After striking him with the car, the report says, Arias got out of the car and tried to help Lobato, yelled at people at a nearby bus stop to call 911.

Personnel from the Westminster Fire Department arrived on the scene and performed CPR on Lobato, but he was pronounced dead at St. Anthony's North Hospital.

Arias, who, according to the report, failed a roadside sobriety test, was arrested at 1:07 a.m. Tuesday.


Sue Lindsay, a spokeswoman for the Adams & Broomfield Counties District Attorney's Office, said officials would not comment on the case. Arias is scheduled to appear Thursday morning in Division E of Adams County District Court.

"She will be in court, and things will proceed from there," Lindsay said.