English bar blocks cell phones, tries to get patrons talking

LONDON — A new English cocktail bar offers something truly old-fashioned on its menu: the chance to talk to real people instead of staring down your cell phone.

The Gin Tub in Brighton has won rave reviews in its first week of business by installing a cell signal blocker and placing throwback rotary phones at its tables. They can be used to dial patrons at neighboring tables or the bar for another round.

The Gin Tub is reckoned to be the only British pub blocking cell phones by using a Faraday shield built into its ceiling, an exception in Britain's 2006 Wireless Telegraphy Act that otherwise outlaws the use of signal blockers.

Proprietor Steve Tyler says: "Mobile phones have killed pubs. When you go out socially, you don't need social media."

Police officer rides through drive-thru on horseback

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — A mounted police officer in upstate New York has been spotted going through a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru on horseback.

Boston's WCVB-TV posted a picture of the officer and his partner in line at the Saratoga Springs drive-thru Wednesday. The station reports Saratoga Springs Officer John Sesselman ordered a cup of coffee for himself and a glazed munchkin for his horse partner, King Tut.

The treat is well-earned for King Tut. The department posted pictures of the horse and Sesselman patrolling the city's downtown Wednesday, noting, "King Tut works hard and doesn't mind if you stop to pet him!"


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