At the Russian Mosquito Festival, the more bites the better

BEREZNIKI, Russia — While fears of the Zika virus have kept some people away from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, for residents of one Russian town, the more mosquito bites the better.

At this weekend's Russian Mosquito Festival in the town of Berezniki, 9-year-old Irina Ilyukhina won the "tastiest girl" category with 43 bites to show for going berry-picking in the forest with her mother. She was awarded a ceramic cup in recognition of the welts all over her legs.

Unusually hot and dry weather in the Ural Mountains town, however, has greatly depleted the number of mosquitoes this year. Festival organizers had to cancel the traditional mosquito hunt, where participants try to collect as many of the insects as possible in jars.

The heat also had Yana Solyarskaya sweltering in her mosquito costume as she led some of the dancing at the festival, now in its fourth year.

Russia has detected only a few Zika cases, all in people who are believed to have been infected in areas overseas where the virus has spread.

Polish woman in labor gets helping hand from tram driver

WARSAW, Poland — A Polish woman who went into labor on the way to a hospital got a helping hand from a tram driver who used string from an umbrella to tie off the umbilical cord.

Paulina Kacperska and her husband were driving to a hospital in Poznan on Thursday morning when Kacperska started giving birth.


Kacperska said in an interview on TVN24: "I told him 'pull over and get out, you have to deliver (the baby) because I can feel the head coming out.'"

By chance, her husband pulled over near a tram stop where a driver was working who had worked as a midwife in the past.

The driver, Dorota Kaczmarek, arrived in time to tie off the umbilical cord of the healthy baby boy, who was named Fabian.

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