Red truck, red truck! Town's mundane webcam grips YouTube

JACKSON, Wyo. — If you're driving a red truck through downtown Jackson, Wyo., you could be internet famous.

Live webcam video of a busy intersection near the Jackson Town Square has gripped the online masses. On Tuesday, more than 2,000 people were watching the stream on YouTube that usually has only about 20 watchers.

Red trucks are particularly popular among the many online commenters, although posters also like to point out pedestrians and other mundane happenings in a sort of online I Spy.

Bob Strobel of See Jackson Hole says his webcam is meant to promote local business. It's been up since 2014 but only caught the eye of the online community a few days ago.

The bustling scene can be mesmerizing, but why is it so popular?

It's just one of those internet things.

NYC bay to get oysters on beds made from recycled toilets

NEW YORK — New York City is placing 50,000 oysters in Jamaica Bay — on beds made with the porcelain from 5,000 recycled toilets.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Department of Environmental Protection said Tuesday that the project is the largest single installation of breeding oysters in New York City.

The northeastern director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation says the project will buffer New York from storms while cleaning the water and creating wildlife habitat.


The 31-square-mile Jamaica Bay is part of a 142-square-mile watershed that includes parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County.

The project is being done in partnership with the Harbor School's Billion Oyster Project.

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