Drought leads to trucked-in water for snowmobile race

FREMONT, N.H. — Organizers of an annual snowmobile race on water in New Hampshire say they've had to truck in water for the event because of the drought.

WMUR-TV reports that Brookfield Pines Farm in Fremont is the setting for the Race to Winter event. More than 40,000 people are expected.

A watercross event is held on a pond. But the water level is lower than normal, and organizers had to bring in about two tractor-trailers' worth of water. Some is going to small canals that the snowmobiles use to travel through to cool their suspension. Without that, the vehicles can't run to perform stunts and race.

Once the event is over, the water will be used for farm animals returning to the fields.

Bigfoot spotted on eagle cam

BEULAH, Mich. — Some people think they've spotted Bigfoot on a live camera trained on an eagle's nest in Michigan.

The clip from a camera mounted on a tree near a state fish hatchery shows baby eaglets in the nest while a dark figure walking on two legs moves on the ground below.

The Detroit Free Press reports the clip was highlighted on the website of CarbonTV, which has partnered with the state to install the eagle cam. The company tells the Free Press the clip was captured in May.


Idaho State University Professor Jeff Meldrum, who studies the legend of the never-confirmed man-ape-like creature, tells the newspaper the video is "interesting" but "doesn't offer much by way of compelling evidence."

Associated Press