A 44-pound minute hand has fallen off the clock St. Katharinen church in Hamburg, Germany.
A 44-pound minute hand has fallen off the clock St. Katharinen church in Hamburg, Germany. (Daniel Reinhardt / dpa)

Minute hand plunges from church tower

BERLIN — A 44-pound minute hand has fallen off a clock on a Hamburg church tower, plunging 130 feet onto the sidewalk below.

Hamburg's fire service said Sunday that the hand fell off the city's St. Katharinen church overnight from Friday to Saturday, news agency dpa reported.

No one was hurt. Fire officials checked the remaining hour hand and determined that it was firmly in place.

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the roughly 6½-foot hand to crash off the clock in the city in northern Germany.

Pumpkins go ballistic at New Hampshire racetrack

LOUDON, N.H. — Pumpkins were going ballistic at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend.

Teams from as far away as Virginia came to the race track to use trebuchets, catapults and air guns to launch the fall fruit, some of which made a gourd-geous arc across the New Hampshire sky.

While the pumpkins — some weighing in at 1,000 pounds or more — were the featured item, they were not only things which were being fired. Some smaller pumpkins flew up to two-thirds of a mile across the speedway.

Other acts of wanton destruction for general amusement included large, crane-like launchers to throw cars, motorcycles, a boat and pianos. Not all of the shots were successful. When a pumpkin misfired, participants referred to the result as a "pie."


Some of the teams clearly took seriously the task of getting their medieval or earlier weapons systems in place and ready to launch.

"A lot of work to travel and set up," said Dave Shepard, a member of the Mista Ballista team from Framingham, Mass. "Takes six guys maybe 10-12 hours."

Some of the launchers demonstrated significant shade-tree ingenuity. One team's rig used garage door opener springs, while another put a half mile of surgical tubing into service.

Category winners got a trophy and a story to tell.

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