Naked Hillary Clinton statue knocked down in NYC

NEW YORK — A statue of a topless, hoofed Hillary Clinton with a man wrapped around her appeared outside a subway station Tuesday, prompting a tussle after one woman purposely knocked it down and sat on it to prevent others from picking it back up.

The display marked the second time a life-size, exaggerated depiction of a naked presidential nominee has surfaced outside a Manhattan subway stop during the general election campaign. In August, an artist's statue of an unclothed Donald Trump was eventually hauled away by city workers.

But the crowd's reaction to the naked Clinton was markedly different from that to the Trump statue, when a largely jovial group of onlookers took photos of it and posed for selfies. Some parts of the portly Trump's genitalia were visible in that statue.

On Tuesday, a woman can be seen on video taken by a reporter for the New York Daily News dragging the life-size structure of the Democratic presidential nominee to the ground, stomping on it and even sitting on top of it to prevent a man from standing it back up again.

"We shouldn't be treated this way. Period," another woman can be heard saying in the video.

It wasn't immediately clear who created the Clinton statue. An activist collective called INDECLINE was behind the naked Trump statue but said in a statement that it had no role in the Clinton one.

A police spokesman said the Clinton statue was eventually removed by whoever brought it to lower Manhattan, and no summonses or tickets were issued.


Carin Kuoni, a professor of contemporary art and political engagement at The New School, said the Clinton statue could be seen as offensive rather than satirical since women have been defined for years in culture, media and politics by how they look.

"The history of how the female body appears has clearly been so negatively coded and inscribed that it makes for a completely different intervention when you see the sculpture of a naked woman than when you see a naked man," she said.

Town may fine church over its noisy bells

MADRID — A small Spanish town is considering fining a medieval church $17,500 because its bells are "too noisy."

The town hall of Mostoles, southwest of Madrid, said Tuesday that following complaints from residents, town technicians measured the noise level of the chimes of Our Lady of the Assumption Church and found they were some 30 decibels above the 55 rate permitted by town regulations.

Experts say normal conversation produces 55 to 60 decibels while an airplane in flight produces 110 to 120 decibels.

Parish priest Ignacio Torres told the El Pais newspaper the bells have always been tolling in the town and that they were usually only rung at noon and before evening Mass. He said he had no idea how the church would pay the fine if enforced.

Priest Ignacio Torres says he doesn’t know how Our Lady of the Assumption Church could pay the $17,500 fine it faces over its noisy bells.
Priest Ignacio Torres says he doesn't know how Our Lady of the Assumption Church could pay the $17,500 fine it faces over its noisy bells. (Morguefile)

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